At its 30th year anniversary, the Royal Society of Architects in Wales (RSAW) Annual Conference re-explores the theme from its first ever conference in 1994: ‘Architects – leaders or followers: the next ten years’, and Climate Framework is presented as a leading initiative that has helped to inform the mandatory competence requirements around climate literacy for the architects of today and the future.

The focus of the Annual Conference was to discover what  and who is new in architecture, who should be followed on their architectural journey, and how has the last 30 years impacted the world of architecture, not just in Wales, but globally.

At this event, Mina Hasman of Climate Framework shared key industry observations on the state of climate literacy and why the built environment sector, as well as academia should upskill for a transforming construction sector. Along with its industry-wide research on climate-focused education and training - published in this report - Climate Framework is presented as the core effort to enable upskilling and capacity building across the industry and related academia for effective climate action. 

During this event, the RIBA Climate Guide is also introduced as a key resource to help advance climate literacy around the world.

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