The built environment and construction industry, as well as associated professional and educational bodies are showing a momentous culture shift, reporting much more awareness and activity around climate literacy than what was the case a few years ago.

However, for every organisation striving for improvement, there are some stuck in ‘business as usual’ mode, making only limited, ad-hoc progress - either due to lack of resources within their organisations, or because of a shortfall on holistic expertise around the topics that are underpinned by climate change. The existing business models for content creation and delivery additionally prevent the fast uptake and dissemination of especially the implementation of such holistic training at scale.

There is a need for a forum and a facilitator entity to liaise within and beyond institutions, to identify programme and content gaps, and how to best fill them, while also encouraging the sharing of lessons learnt across the industry and academia. This is a clear area, where the global, transdisciplinary initiative - the - can continue to bring tremendous value to the industry, all those across the sector and the educators in academia.

In their latest report on “Climate education: the state of the industry + a new way forward”, The Cross-Industry Action Group (advancing the Climate Framework Initiative) offers insights on how the Climate Framework can be utilised as a common curriculum structure for content creation, as well as a guidance framework and a roadmap for training programme delivery. In line with the commitments established in the CIC’s Carbon Zero: the Professional Institutions’ Climate Action Plan, the report also provides an overview of some of the best practice actions already taken by some of the industry organisations to advance built environment professionals’ competence around climate change.

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