Our vision + mission

The Climate Framework initiative was founded by The Cross-Industry Action Group which comprises a group of volunteers representing various professional institutes, member organisations and academic institutions.

The Group’s mission is to cross-pollinate experiences and expertise across the industry, embracing all disciplines, and creating a shared curriculum framework as well as a platform for holistic climate knowledge.

In this united and coordinated effort, our aim is to break down silos and establish common ground, define a common language, and identify the holistic knowledge and skills every built environment professional must be equipped with in order to deliver truly sustainable built environments today and in the future.

Developed in collaboration across disciplines

An eighteen-month, online consultation helped shape and refine the Climate Framework’s structure—embedding input from as many disciplines as possible, throughout the sector.  Over 690 individuals across the international buildings and construction industry, as well as academia identified the following needs:


The need to consistently disseminate knowledge and share experiences, as well as insights between industry and academia


A need for greater collaboration among all stakeholders across the sector


The need for an integrated, inclusive and multidisciplinary approach