The Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA)'s CPD Programme aims to provide a comprehensive body of knowledge, blending the latest theory based on international good practice, together with practical examples drawn from around the Commonwealth. 

The six-session, lecture series (as shown below) will run in 2023-2024, and they will be structured around the Climate Framework topics, to help upskill and build capacity for climate change and rapid urbanisation across the Commonwealth.

Session 1: Energy + Carbon (in June 2023)

This session will focus on energy and carbon, and it will offer guidance on how to minimise energy use and associated carbon emissions, while also accelerating the transition to a global, decarbonised built environment.

Session 2: Circular Economy (in August 2023)

This session will focus on resources, their use, maintenance, and procurement to encourage ‘endless recycling/reuse’.

Session 3: Water (in October 2023)

This session will focus on water use, harvesting and recycling, as well as climate change’s impact on natural water bodies.

Session 4: Ecology + Biodiversity (in February 2024)

This session will focus on efficient land use, nature-based solutions, and sustainable food production, among others.

Session 5: Connectivity + Transport (in April 2024)

This session will focus on how people, places, and cities connect through sustainable urban planning, and transportation.

Session 6: Human Factors (in June 2024)

This session will focus on people including health & wellbeing, behaviour, and social value.

By sharing built case study examples around the Commonwealth, these lecture series will illustrate how global knowledge can be adapted, and applied to a local context, in line with a specific area’s local priorities.

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