The business case for, and the urgency of an industry-wide re-skilling and upskilling for climate action has been so clear. But the UK Construction Industry still lags behind on effectively implementing climate-focused training and mandating streamlined climate literacy across the industry.

Chaired by Rt. Hon. Nick Raynsford, the CIC’s ‘Economic and Policy Briefings’ provide regular economic analyses, policy updates and comments on major commercial projects in the UK construction industry. The briefings bring together leading policy-makers, economists and senior industry players to discuss the key topics in an informal setting.

At the May Briefing event, climate education and sustainability expert Mina Hasman will be providing an overview of the industry’s current state on climate-focused training (based on the Climate Framework's latest report), and how Climate Framework should be utilised as a common curriculum structure for content creation, as well as a framework for training programme delivery.

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