The built environment has a vital role to play in responding to increasing health and safety requirements, the climate and biodiversity emergencies and to do so in an ethical manner. 

There is a pressing need for all the industry professionals to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to design and deliver built environments that respond to increasing demands of our world, while ensuring holistic, sustainable outcomes are consistently achieved.

The RIBA Climate Guide - the book structured around the Climate Framework and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 - will be launched at The London School of Architecture on the 12th of October evening, alongside the other two RIBA Guides - Health & Safety and Ethical Practice. These three books form the collection of mandatory competence guides the RIBA has published over the recent years to help architects upskill and build collectively capacity for a transforming profession.

To join the authors, Dieter Bentley-Gockmann, Mina Hasman, Alasdair Ben Dixon and Carys Rowlands at this free launch and book signing event, please visit here.

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