A Core criteria for sustainability in competence frameworks dealing with the built environment is envisaged to help the construction and property sectors to urgently and effectively meet environmental and social obligations, set out by the national and international agreements, as well as to follow best-practice guidance. 

The CIC’s Climate Change Committee is currently working with the Edge think tank on the development of an overarching framework for competence in delivering sustainability in the built and natural environment. The framework will be published as a The British Standards Institute (BSI) Flex standard and is intended to provide commonality and consistency across the sector and become the basis for all organisations developing their own discipline-specific competency documents and curricula.

Central to the Flex document is the proposition that competence is a combination of skills, knowledge, experience and behaviour (SKEB) and these are broken down into categories preliminarily proposed as:

·       Potential (Natural systems/Resources/Energy and carbon/Social value/Harms and solutions);

·       People (Education, training and literacy/Behaviours/Teamworking);

·       Process (Finance and risk/Practice/Tools and technologies);

·       Projects (Land use and planning/External spaces/Infrastructure and accessibility/Buildings); and

·       Performance (Project monitoring, information & feedback/Resilience and adaptation/Emergency response).

A scoping paper giving further details and examples of the contents of each of the categories is available here.

Should you or your organisation wish to input into the development of the framework, please get in contact with or comment on its preliminary scoping document via here by January 2024.

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